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It’s Summer 2016!

Greetings Islanders,

Spring is upon us despite some April snow showers in New England. We look forward to sunny island days, ocean breezes, & time with family & friends. The C.A.B.I. summer calendar is enclosed and here are a few items to note:

  • A Community Supper: watch the store porch for details
  • Field Day: July 9th – Kudos to the Hohn family for volunteering
  • A Coffee house on July 30th with Jud Caswell; a musician from Brunswick. “Jud Caswell is a little bit like a one-man folk festival.” Visit his website for more information Thank you to Sue Martin for the suggestion.
  • We need a youth librarian or two to offer consistent children’s library hours and keep the stacks organized. Please see a C.A.B.I. officer if you are interested.
  • The annual meeting & bake sale is Saturday July 9th at 10am. A quorum of 20 people is needed to run the meeting. Please come and provide your support.
  • We are fortunate to offer many C.A.B.I. activities at reduced cost, however, we rely on your donations to continue to do so. Your donation is appreciated; see donation page for details on making a donation. Please note: donations to the Bustins & Bay Foundation may only be used for municipal purposes- golf course, tennis courts, buildings etc.- not social events.

We look forward to seeing you on the Island!

Debbie Crane & Susan Rauch


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It’s Nearly Summertime for 2015!

Greetings Islanders,

After this long and snowy New England winter, your C.A.B.I. co-chairs are desperate for signs of spring. Luckily, we have the C.A.B.I. newsletter to compose as we welcome a new season and anticipate a summer filled with sunshine and memory making!

A few things to note:

  • Our annual Community House clean up is on Saturday June 27th from 2:30-4pm. Help us make our beloved Community House sparkle as we prepare for our 2015 season.
  • A Community Supper! A new twist on an old favorite: Sheila Barrows has graciously volunteered to organize a Community Pot-Luck supper on July 4th! THANK YOU Sheila! More details and a sign up sheet will be posted on the island. We need YOU to help make this event successful. Please contact Sheila Barrows for additional information.
  • We seek a youth librarian to offer consistent youth library hours and keep the ‘stacks’ organized. Please see a C.A.B.I. officer if you are interested or can make a suggestion.
  • Our August calendar of events is light due to a variety of factors; if there is an event you would like to add, please contact us.
  • While many C.A.B.I. events are offered for ‘free’, there are still expenses for fireworks, square dance callers, prizes (like the great Polar Bear Swim hats) , and Community House cleaning supplies. If you enjoy participating in our events, please consider making a donation. Donate today!.
  • We invite you to our annual meeting on Saturday July 11th at 10am. We will be reviewing and voting on changes to our CABI By-Laws. We hope to see you there!

    See you on the island!

    Debbie Crane & Susan Rauch C.A.B.I. Co-chairs

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Proposed By-Law Revisions

Susan and Debbie have worked on revising the by-law for membership review.  We credit & thank Peg DeBruyn & Warren Baker for the preliminary work on this document. Please review the following linked documents:


We will also be sending out copies via the e-mail listserve.  Comments can be posted below or sent via e-mail.


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Welcome to Summer 2014!

Greetings Islanders,

Has this New England winter left you longing for the warm breezes and sparkling waters of Casco Bay? Good news! Summer 2014 is fast approaching and the CABI calendar is available. You will see many of the same events as years past including ice cream runs and square dances and some surprises. After 10 years of dedicated work the Boone-Canu Bean Team has retired leaving us in search of volunteers for The Bean Supper or equivalent. A pot luck perhaps? Salad buffet? Dreamy Dessert Bar? Spaghetti or pizza supper? Ideas, energy and execution are needed to keep this community tradition alive for the next 10 years. HELP WANTED!

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of the Polar Bear Swim. Time to get your chill on, get ALL wet, and earn a special commemorative prize! To help keep event costs down and enjoyment up we are reviving a fundraising favorite: Bustins Raffle Baskets. We encourage your participation, and hope you will consider donating a basket full of fun. This fundraising event will take place on July 5th.

Finally, in collaboration with the BIVC and our goal of keeping event space in good condition, we developed policies for Community House use and cleanliness. We are having a spring-cleaning day on June 28th see store porch for details and we welcome any sweat equity we can get.

The C.A.B.I. is an all-volunteer organization and relies on your time, treasure (donate today!), and talent! We welcome you to our annual meeting on Saturday July 12th at 10am. 20 people are needed for a quorum so join us and bring your ideas and enthusiasm. We greatly appreciate your support and are always in need of volunteers to coordinate and run events. Have an idea? Share it. Organize it. Post it. Run it. We can help. A list of current officers and contact information will be posted at the Store Porch. You can also get in touch with us using the response box below. See you soon!


Debbie Crane & Susan Rauch co-chairs


Contact Us!

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Used Fire Equipment

Hey All,

It has been suggested that people ask their local fire dept for used gear to augment our gear on Bustins. When it was done in Ithaca we got a set of turnout gear…it’s even labeled “BFD” (Brooktondale Fire Dept).  Used is better than nothing and it’s free!

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Welcome Bustins Islanders!

This blog has been created for the purpose of exchanging ideas for summer activities and connecting those ideas with people who might make them happen.  Any suggestions on features you would like to see would be greatly appreciated!

Kim Adams

CABI Secretary