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Welcome to Summer 2014!

Greetings Islanders,

Has this New England winter left you longing for the warm breezes and sparkling waters of Casco Bay? Good news! Summer 2014 is fast approaching and the CABI calendar is available. You will see many of the same events as years past including ice cream runs and square dances and some surprises. After 10 years of dedicated work the Boone-Canu Bean Team has retired leaving us in search of volunteers for The Bean Supper or equivalent. A pot luck perhaps? Salad buffet? Dreamy Dessert Bar? Spaghetti or pizza supper? Ideas, energy and execution are needed to keep this community tradition alive for the next 10 years. HELP WANTED!

This summer marks the 20th anniversary of the Polar Bear Swim. Time to get your chill on, get ALL wet, and earn a special commemorative prize! To help keep event costs down and enjoyment up we are reviving a fundraising favorite: Bustins Raffle Baskets. We encourage your participation, and hope you will consider donating a basket full of fun. This fundraising event will take place on July 5th.

Finally, in collaboration with the BIVC and our goal of keeping event space in good condition, we developed policies for Community House use and cleanliness. We are having a spring-cleaning day on June 28th see store porch for details and we welcome any sweat equity we can get.

The C.A.B.I. is an all-volunteer organization and relies on your time, treasure (donate today!), and talent! We welcome you to our annual meeting on Saturday July 12th at 10am. 20 people are needed for a quorum so join us and bring your ideas and enthusiasm. We greatly appreciate your support and are always in need of volunteers to coordinate and run events. Have an idea? Share it. Organize it. Post it. Run it. We can help. A list of current officers and contact information will be posted at the Store Porch. You can also get in touch with us using the response box below. See you soon!


Debbie Crane & Susan Rauch co-chairs


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