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2017 Meeting Minutes


Meeting Minutes

July 9th2017

Meeting called to order at 9:12 am A quorum of 23 people in attendance.

Officers present: Debbie Crane, Susan Rauch, Kim Ryan (Mandy Meyer and Kim Adams not present)


Secretary’s report:  2016 minutes unanimously approved as read

Treasurer’s report:

Last year donations were down $1715 (2016) from $1950 (2015).  This year (2017) they are up significantly $2500+.  To date there are 39+ individual donations to CABI. We believe this is due to the wording of our annual letter regarding our ‘operating costs’ per year.

We do not have direct access to Bustins and Bay donations.  General maintenance costs are not covered by Bustins and Bay.  However, B&B will cover equipment and municipal expenses. We are currently requesting information as to the current balance in the Bustins and Bay foundation and plan to seek reimbursement for the $500 ramp for the new tennis shed constructed last fall.

A bit of money given to the children’s library ($100)

Golf tournament expenses are the only costs that CABI covers.  Currently there is approximately about $1300 balance in golf fund as of 12/31/16, and 2017 contributions total $185.

Tennis fund at the end of the year (2016)  at $1235.

$2000 in general checking

$2700 in Savings (Money Market Fund)- for tennis & golf combined

Questions from the floor as to how money is used.  Golf and tennis: can be used for any tennis or golf upkeep.  Flags, nets, tarps, tapes etc. as well as any tournament costs.

$396 for square dance income this year met some of the cost of callers $500 July 4thonly (not including Lilly B transportation $150).

Don’t foresee any major increase in expenses this year


Treasurer report unanimously accepted as presented. Full report to come.

Co-Chair report:

Plan to remove CABI association with Bustins and Bay foundation in regards to fundraising or marketing. This will be outlined in our 2018 annual letter.  Warren Baker to be contacted and informed about our plan.  Communication with B&B poor about current balances and how donations are used. Generally, B&B provides a vehicle for tax deductible donations to be made to benefit Bustins.

Discussion about how golf and tennis contributions are used and how expenses are outlined and used.  BIVC has given $3000 annually to be used as C.A.B.I. sees fit.  In 2015 CABI voted unanimously to earmark entire funds to tennis court costs exclusively

Question:  Ask BIVC for more $ for inflation and management costs

Discussion open to tennis by laws read article III as to our responsibility and how we promote social and recreational activities.  Chris martens has single handedly been responsible for making sure that the tennis courts have been maintained and organized the transport of materials

Suggestions from the floor:
provide a tennis box for payment to play, or lock courts and provide a key,

covering courts with tarp on the off season to reduce cost of yearly maintenance

Also whether CABI/BIVC would pay for privacy/sound screens discussed with abutters of courts

Suggestion from the floor to obtain figures about how much it costs to to do the entire tennis court before we vote

Informal non binding poll of hall: Question: Should CABI decline BIVC annual $3000 contribution- approximately 13 yay to 6 nay (abstentions not counted)

looking for a dollar figure for annual expense for tennis costs and maintenance. Mowing, sweeping, rolling,

2018 to add more information about tennis expenses total cost of care prior to full vote on whether to accept BIVC park and rec contribution

Suggestion to change by-laws for clearer purpose of CABI and develop a memorandum of understanding between BIVC and CABI as to where responsibility lies for upkeep and management of municipal areas.

Recognition for Steve Drews monetary contribution for the memorial tennis shed

CABI to thank Chris Martens for her many years of tireless work on coordinating and managing tennis courts and ask her for more detailed instructions for tennis court management including: instructions for the roller, tapes, nets, mowing, etc.

Tennis report:


From Chris Martens:  via email June 11,2017

Dear All,

I hope you are all well and looking forward to summer!

You may recall that I relayed to the BIVC Overseers last year and relayed that it is becoming too burdensome for me to maintain the tennis courts by myself. The fall and spring cleanups of branches, leaves, acorns is a take that takes several hours on each end along with weekly maintenance of and rolling not to mention pulling up the tapes, ect. In the past Rob has encouraged me to get volunteers to help and I have had a few people come forward but not on a regular basis. Also, people are reluctant to use the rolling machine which is a bear, I admit, and one person last year put the wrong fuel in it even after it was clearly defined. You can also do damage to the court if it is not rolled correctly (too short of radius turns).

Several years ago the BIVC shifted the responsibility of the tennis courts over to the BIVC (which I really was not if favor of because it is a municipally owned and should be their responsibility, sorry Rob J). Having the tennis courts adds value to all of our properties as an amenity to the island as does the golf course and should be part of the annual BIVC budget. But since it is now the CABI’s responsibility to maintain, I am coming to you to ask that we hire Danny Adams to maintain it this summer. I spoke with him yesterday on the assumption that this would be possible. Danny is quite willing and is good with the rolling machine and a good worker. He has offered to do it for $10/hr. which is very reasonable. Maddie gets $18/hr to roll courts at home. Since the CABI is not set up for payroll, nor do we want to open up that endeavor, I am proposing that we pay Danny for 10 hours up front or if Kim thinks it’s okay we could pay him several times over the season. If you pay someone under $600 per year you don’t have to issue a 1099 for tax purposes. I think the less amount of times we pay him the better.  I estimate if he rolls every 2 weeks and it takes 1.5 – 2 hours to roll plus picking up every acorn before you roll and a fall clean up if he stays late enough (doubt he will) that 20 hours should cover it for the season.

I also will have some receipts for true fuel for the roller and leaf blower and ant bait for the 2017 season that I will be giving to Kim.

The new tennis shed looks terrific! We will need to buy some paint for a second coat and I will ask Rob, since it is technically owned by the BIVC (I think), if the BIVC would buy the paint. We need to ask Steve Drew, since the building is a tribute to his father, what he would envision for seating under the covered roof area. I’m not sure who is paying for that item. Also, I think the landscape committee might be willing to plant some small shrubs around building for aesthetics.

Please let me know if you agree to this arrangement with Danny. Danny and I both worked on the courts yesterday for 1.5 hours and I will have to pay him myself for that time if the CABI doesn’t fund him.




Tennis report unanimously approved as read


Plan to purchase cleaning supplies, paper towel holders, table paper & stock pots for community house

Fundraising week or boot/basket considered for fireworks or during kids dances etc.

Sweatshirt and bag fundraiser portion of the production costs donated by Susan Rauch

Clean out of kitchen items of value for historical society donation?

Card tables under stage –assess function (toss or keep)

Susan Rauch up for co-chair re-election: Elected to new term unanimously

Vote for the slate of officers unanimously

Adjourned at 10:12 am



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