Greetings Islanders, Did you know:

  • That by receiving this letter you, your family, your tenants, and friends (if 18 + years of age) are considered members of the C.A.B.I.?
  • Our average event costs each season are roughly $3,000? This includes costs for: fireworks, square dances (callers and ferry costs), karaoke and other events like special concerts.
  • Our primary source of funding is through your generous contributions?

While no dues are required, we rely upon your financial support and we accept donations of any size. (see donation form enclosed) Be on the lookout for a fundraiser this summer.

Our annual meeting is scheduled at 9 AM on Saturday July 8th (note NEW TIME.) A quorum of 20 people is needed to hold our meeting. Come join us and support the bake sale.

Enclosed is our summer 2017 calendar of events. Please be sure to post in your cottage, share with renters, and check the island store porch for updates.

See you on the island.

Debbie Crane
Susan Rauch Co-Presidents C.A.B.I.

Download a copy of the summer calendar: CABI Calendar 2017


Use the following addresses to add this calendar to your other applications/devices. You can copy and paste the links below into any feed reader or calendar program:

If you already use google calendar, simply click the Google Calendar button on the bottom right of the calendar above to add the calendar to yours.

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