Meeting Minutes

C.A.B.I. Annual Meeting July 9, 2016

Meeting called to order at 10:09am with a quorum of 20 people present.



Minutes prepared by Susan Rauch and Debbie Crane and read by Kim Adams. Unanimously approved as read.



Kim Ryan presenting:

All donations received, deposited, and all bills paid.  $2,737.34 in checking and $5,300 in savings account. Bank statements are highly consistent within a few dollars in that what we spend is what we bring in.  Donations are down this year, but we are still early in the season. Donations roughly equal around $2000 each year. No money for memorial library fund, but some received for youth library.

Expenses include things like square dances, ice cream run, polar bear swim – lots spent on swim, but it is a lot of fun. Square dances are well attended and Kip Moulton still willing to come over to call as long as people are still having fun.

Stamps are a minor cost, but we will need to purchase some this year. Thanks to the Adams family for the annual CABI mailing and donating their time and the cost of copying, folding, etc.

Potato Pickers band cost $500 and $319 received in at event donations. Golf tourney is basically covering itself.

Any capital expenditure such as a roller for tennis courts are being submitted to bay foundation. Two new picnic tables for golf course, new sign for tennis court acquired. Golf maintenance covered by BIVC.

We bought paint for the Community House chairs, but it got lost in shuffle – nothing in Kim Ryan’s house is painted green so some confusion over why green paint was in her house.  Some expression that there was resistance to the chairs being repainted because the look is traditional.

Fireworks funds are greatly appreciated early and gives much better selection. Fireworks funds go out in April.  $50 more to account for inflation would be nice.

Motion made to accept report as read. Motion passed unanimously.



Report prepared by Chris Martens and read by Debbie Crane:

“The tennis courts are in great shape this year due to an early start. Baseline North who service the courts each year were able to get out to Bustins early in June due to the fact that they had had good weather all spring and that meant they got to us sooner. We are probably 2/3 of the way down the list on the many courts they service. 

Taylor, Maddie and I got on the courts early in May to clear off the leaves from last fall (we do take what we can off in the fall) which requires about three hours of raking before we can roll them in preparation for Baseline North to service them. For any newcomers here, clay courts require resurfacing each year of approximately 3000 lbs of Har Tru sand to protect the playing surface. This has to be barged over and transported up to the courts each year.

Crawford and Taylor took down the old tennis shed several weeks ago (before it completely collapsed into itself) in preparation for a new shed and sitting area that Steve Drew has generously offered to fund in memory of his father, Ray Drew, who among other things was an avid tennis player. The CABI could be part of this exciting project by donating a picnic table or new bench for the sitting area. I will leave that up to the membership to propose or consider.

The courts do need to be rolled weekly and only after rain in order to keep them hard packed and good condition for play. I am looking for mechanically inclined volunteers for this task since the roller is a rolling machine and heavy and a bit cumbersome to operate. Fortunately out daughter, Maddie’s summertime job at home involves rolling a tennis court weekly so she rolls them for me occasionally.

I want to thank Dan Jellis for helping pull up the court tapes last year (2000 plus nails) and the McElwees for their volunteered help.

We appreciate your continued support of the tennis courts as they are a great option for us as islanders to have for recreation for our families and grandchildren. I am happy to report that they are being put to good use!”

Motion made to accept report as read. Motion passed unanimously.  Request for a bench at the tennis courts once the shed is completed.



By laws passed unanimously in 2015.

We need a new auditor – deferred to Kim Ryan.

Jeff Carrier is making new signs for the tennis courts covering how to care for the courts. Bustins and Bay Foundation contributions used to pay for signs.

CABI is always looking for more people interested in running events. Many events are transitioning to new coordinators such as the polar bear swim (formerly Kim and Fred, now Kevin Petrie and Pam Leland Lavoie) and Kim and Jim Ryan are stepping down from post parade hotdogs, but Evie Drew has stepped up.  A big thank you to all our event coordinators.

This year’s fireworks display was specatular.  Many kudos to Ron Sweatt and family for firework selection and launch.

We also had an excellent turnout for the kids and adult square dance- one of the larger groups we had in recent years.

The youth library is being opened occasionally as able. New books have been added by Mandy.



Community House Chairs: How about “Adopt a Chair”? Worry expressed over painters taking creative license – chairs should be painted green. May also be better deferred for off season when temps are cooler and air is drier?

Community House Stage Curtains: Mac Lloyd suggested curtain hooks last year to replace the current built in drapery rings and these have been purchased. As the existing rings break the new hooks are being added on.



Jud Caswell group coming over.  Going to try to create a tea house atmosphere with tea lights etc to make the band more comfortable.

Origami: Ron Sweatt offers to teach class for adults if there is interest.  Let a board member know when you want access to the Community House and put a sign at the store porch.

Karaoke:  Ron Sweat is moving to the digital age and now has an iPod with a variety of songs.  He is offering music for this and other events, but is not sure if he wants to EmCee…  As a reminder, the Community House is available anytime for events, just see a CABI board member for access.

Quorum:  It is very difficult to obtain sufficient number of people to be able to hold meeting.  Suggestion to reduce the number from 20 to 15? Concern expressed that we want people here and involved and that reducing the number will reduce involvement.  We almost need a marketing campaign to get interest. Suggestion to put required quorum number on the sign advertising the CABI meeting to encourage people to show up. Please inform your renters that they are also members of the CABI and are more than welcome. We do get donations from them, particularly at events.

Donations:  Suggestion to include an envelope for donations in mailing to give a stronger sense of membership.  Worry expressed that this might scare off donations as contributions come in many different forms and putting a more rigid “membership” structure might discourage.  Suggestion of a fold over mailing with envelope in the middle and/or perhaps an online donation method?



Co-Chairs: Debbie Crane (Susan Rauch up for election next year)

Treasurer: Kim Ryan

Secretary: Kim Adams

Member at Large: Mandy Meyer

All positions elected unanimously.


Meeting adjourned at 10:51am.


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