Meeting Minutes

C.A.B.I. Annual Meeting Minutes July 14th, 2018 9 AM Bustins Island Maine

Officers In attendance: Debbie Crane, Susan Rauch, Mandy Meyer (Kim Ryan not present due to family illness, Kim Adams resigned)

Meeting called to order at: 9:22 am With a quorum of 20 people attending.

Leadership report

  • Keeping calendar simple this year due to officer availability constraints due to family, school, and work demands.
  • Huge appreciation and thanks for your generous donations. Over 4K in donations in 2018! With donations of $50 or a free Bustins insulated tote bag is provided while supplies last!
  • Inquires made about more Bustins, ME sweatshirts. 12 minimum needed before order is placed. 6 more orders needed for production to occur.

Nominations for slate of officers approved:
Debbie re-elected as co – president for another two year term 1 year terms
Kim Ryan- as Treasurer
Mandy Meyer – as Member at Large
Jessie Petrie- nominated and voted as Secretary
Susan Rauch – up for re-election in 2019

Abbreviated version of 2017 minutes read by Debbie Crane (A full printed report was available during the meeting)
Questions as to minutes & request to move to tennis report to sooner in the meeting – unanimously agreed

Minutes approved unanimously.

Tennis Report
Read by Susan Rauch as reported by Christine Martens (A full printed report was available during meeting)

Discussion followed:

  • Suggestion to post tennis report at Tennis Courts and and Store Porch for islanders to view. Animals, particularly dogs, should be kept off court and how to roll courts (there is a sign with directions)
  • Suggestion to have new sign made with updated rules: No dogs on courts, No unsupervised (young) children, and proper shoe requirements

Tennis report accepted as read unanimously

Treasurers Report
Read- abbreviated
Discussion followed:

  • Donations have been higher than in recent years general fund over $4000
  • Feedback from one member that cost of events and maintenance expenses sent in CABI annual letter was helpful information, and may also be related to higher donations.
  • Request that all golf / tennis expenses be itemized and up to date (as feasible) balance be listed for each fund.
  • CABI can fund labor costs of under $600 per individual without tax implications.

Treasurers report unanimously accepted as read.


Old Business
Tennis Court Discussion

  • Park and Rec money from BIVC is going directly to tennis fund from CABI to pay all court resurfacing costs (per CABI unanimous vote at past meeting).
  • Susan Rauch from CABI board and Christine Martens petitioned BIVC to keep park and rec money within the last few years. The rationale for BIVC to keep money is that tennis courts are a municipal cost. If the cost becomes prohibitive for the BIVC, the allocation of money, for park and rec, should be an island decision not a CABI decision.
  • Tennis courts adds value to everyone’s property. Usage is sporadic. August seems busier than July. This year, report made that approximately 1⁄2 dozen people used courts early in the 2018 season.
  • Lively discussion about tennis courts, money from BIVC, usage, options.
  • Point made to put the $3000 line item back into BIVC for park and rec. BIVC should take care of that piece of property. Suggestions for CABI: increase interest by funding and marketing a tournament.
  • Volunteers are needed in the early and later part of the season, to pull up tapes, provide ant bait, clear courts of debris, etc.
  • Discussion from members about how money should be apportioned by saying tennis courts are a municipal expense for public benefit similar to golf course.
  • Point made that if CABI declines 2019 money, BIVC can put $3000 line item back in their budget for 2019 within 2 weeks of 2018 annual meeting. Determined that it is too late to change BIVC annual meeting warrant.
  • Suggestion made that a meeting with BIVC and CABI board to discuss consequences of refusing park and rec money. Joint public meeting also suggested between BIVC and CABI prior to voting to decline contribution.
  • Concrete courts suggested but the expense of such courts would be astronomical. Previous BIVC discussions determined high cost.
  • Motion made to decline BIVC funds, motion seconded. Vote taken: 4 votes to decline $3000 from BIVC, 9 votes to accept $3000 and keep status quo. Motion failed.

Old business continued

  • China and silverware items were donated to historical society from Community House kitchen for a permanent exhibit at Ships Inn Museum.
  • Old card tables under stage need weeding out pending a discussion with and approval from BIVC and coordination with next big junk pick up.
  • Older long and large tables are very heavy and cumbersome. CABI plans to use funds to replace with new lighter weight tables once above steps have been taken.
  • Cost of curtains to replace faded and worn stage curtains is at least 10K-
  • Suggestion made to use rib cord bed spreads heavy enough to fall to stage floor and are fully opaque.
  • Chairs – future painting TBD paint was taken home by Kim Ryan to avoid freezing off season…

New Business

  • Some tables loaned to Wifi café at old school house- Thank you to Kevin Petrie and Jeff Giles for setting up the Wifi café.
  • Painting party to paint school house Wifi café on 7/15
  • Freeport library will lend to residents with tax bill on hand, or proof of Maine residence to get a library card.
  • Youth library will be open ad hoc. See officer to open Community House
    • Questions about how to access library if no one is here. Creative ways to engage a craft hour with sign up lists with or without story hour to include pre organized crafts that can be easily facilitated. Need volunteers to spearhead activities/facilitate crafts.
    • Craft hour suggested to be facilitated by parent volunteers using ‘oriental trading catalog’ craft kits for younger age group.
    • Library Operation instructions to be compiled for volunteers Looking to purchase new bean bag chairs for library/movie nights.
  • Yoga taught on a consistent basis this summer – Thank you Jessie Petrie – portion of monies $190 to CABI and $100 to BIVC so far – $200 of which to still be donated (waiting until the end of the season to write one check?)
  • Ron Sweatt is offering an origami class for kids and adults (13 and over) date/timeTBD Meeting adjuourned at 10:22AM

Respectfully submitted, Susan Rauch & Debbie Crane

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