Useful Resources

Youth Library Catalogue

Find out what books the Bustins Youth Library currently has and leave your recommendations for new purchases for next year (on the second sheet found at the bottom).  Adults and children alike will find books to interest them within our collection.

Bustins Island Villiage Corporation:

Get to know your local government.  Find out about official rules, regulations, and policies; download necessary forms; and read board of overseer meeting minutes.  Page also has contact information for various officials.


Community House Use Regulations Summer 2021


  • Participation in C.A.B.I. sponsored and Community House activities is AT YOUR OWN RISK.


  • Fully vaccinated individuals do not need to wear a mask indoors or outdoors, nor maintain physical distance.


  • Per U.S. CDC recommendations, individuals who are not fully vaccinated are strongly encouraged to wear a mask while indoors, including children under 12 years and over age 2 not yet eligible to be vaccinated.


  • Indoor capacity limits and physical distancing requirements were lifted as of 5/24/21 per Governor Janet Mills. In addition, the Maine State of Emergency ended as of 6/30/21


  • Eating and drinking is permitted. Please consider maintaining physical distancing of 6 or more feet between parties when possible.


  • Masks are required while serving food or drink inside or outside the Community House. Gloves are recommended.


  • We suggest you bring your own non alcoholic beverage when participating in C.A.B.I. events.


  • Good hand hygiene prevents spread of disease.  Please use sanitizer upon entry and exit of Community House.


  • Event organizers MUST disinfect commonly used and frequently touched objects, door knobs, chairs, tables, and light switches at the end of the event and when visibly soiled. Disinfecting wipes may be found in the Community House kitchen.


  • Keep windows and doors open to improve ventilation and airflow.


  • Keep our community safe! Please DO NOT attend C.A.B.I. events if you have a fever, cough, runny nose or COVID like symptoms.


  • Please be kind and respectful to others as we transition back to a more normal island experience. THANK YOU.

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