revised 8/22/90
adopted 7/13/91
revised draft 6/21/15
revised & adopted 7/11/15

Article I – Title
The name of this organization is the Cottager’s Association of Bustins Island. (herein after called “C.A.B.I.” or “the organization”).

Article II – Members
The members of this organization shall be island residents at least 18 years of age who are interested in the welfare of Bustins Island. Each member is entitled to one vote at any duly called C.A.B.I. meeting.

Article III – Purpose
The purpose of the C.A.B.I. is to organize recreational and social activities that promote fellowship among C.A.B.I. members and islanders. To conduct such programs as it deems advisable in furtherance of this purpose and raise funds as needed for said activities

Article IV – Officers
The officers of this organization are two co-presidents, a secretary, a treasurer, and a member at large. Officers attend the annual meeting and any other executive board meetings.

Section A Officer Responsibilities

  • At least one co-president will call and preside at Executive Board and Annual meetings.
  • The co-presidents shall be responsible for the programming and managing of activities.
  • Maintain relationship with the Bustins Island Village Cooperation (B.I.V.C.) including development of seasonal activity calendar.
  • Call additional meetings of the executive board as deemed necessary
  • Arrange for cleaning of the Community House.
  • Train/mentor newly elected officers in this position
  • Act as a co-signer on checks

The secretary

  • Will record and keep all minutes, present minutes at annual meetings, and handle necessary correspondence. Minutes must be made available for review one week prior to annual meeting.
  • Publish & Post seasonal calendar
  • Train /mentor newly elected officer in this position
  • Maintain website

The treasurer

  • Will develop a working budget for the season (May –Sept) based upon the previous years expenses, to be approved at the annual C.A.B.I. meeting.
  • Will receive and bank all monies, pay all budgeted expenses, and bring before the Executive Board any unbudgeted expenditure for approval.
  • Keep accurate records and exhibit the same to the Executive Board & auditor whenever requested, and make a full report to the Executive Board upon request and to the C.A.B.I. at its annual meeting.
  • The treasurer is also responsible for managing any general donations or expenses during the calendar year including but not limited to the annual B.I.V.C. distribution
  • manage & distribute donations & expenses to youth library, tennis & golf accounts
  • Bring before the C.A.B.I. annual meeting and/or any special meeting called for this purpose; any expenditure exceeding $500 or 10% of total assets or whichever is larger, for authorization/approval.
  • Train /mentor newly elected officer in this position

Member at Large

  • The member at large is a full member of the Executive Board who participates in all Executive Board meetings
  • Report concerns, suggestions, comments to the board for action, discussion, or implementation
  • Train /mentor newly elected officer in this position
  • May assume youth librarian duties including: selecting, purchasing, cataloging and providing suitable books and activities for children of all ages.

Section B Election

  • The officers are elected at the C.A.B.I. annual meeting by a majority vote of those present. The terms of elected positions will take effect immediately.

Section CTerms

  • The co-presidents are elected in alternate years for a term of two years each and may be re-elected without limit. All other officers are elected for a term of one year each, and may be re-elected without limit.

Article V– Executive Board

  • The Executive Board shall consist of two co-presidents, secretary, treasurer and a member at large
  • The Executive Board is responsible for the programming and managing of activities.
  • The Executive Board serves as the Board of Directors of the Organization.
  • Call & Conduct meetings outside of annual meeting, as needed, for planning, administrative, and programming purposes.

Article VI– Meetings

Section A – Annual Meeting

  • An annual meeting will be held on a date that is at least one week prior to the annual B.I.V.C. meeting. Notice of the annual meeting will be posted on the C.A.B.I. bulletin board at the Store/Post Office and website at least one week prior to the meeting.

Section B- Special Meetings (adapted from the B.I.V.C. by-laws 2013)

  • A special meeting of the C.A.B.I. shall be called whenever the executive board may deem it necessary, and shall be called by them upon the request of ten members of said organization, provided, however, that all special meetings of the organization shall be held upon said Bustins Island, and no meeting shall be called earlier than July 1st or later than August 31st in any year.
  • Notice of special meeting must be posted on the C.A.B.I. bulletin board at the Store/Post Office and website at least one week prior to said meeting.

Section C – Quorum

  • Twenty members,including the executive board will constitute a quorum for the transaction of all business at an annual meeting. In addition, one co-president must be present. In the absence of a quorum a lesser number may adjourn the meeting to a later date.


Article VII– Amendments
The by-laws may be amended or additional by-laws adopted at any annual meeting, by a two thirds majority vote of the members present.

Article VIII – Auditor

An auditor will be elected from the membership at each annual meeting, or appointed by the Executive Board. The auditor shall audit the books prior to the next annual meeting and give the auditor’s report at that meeting.

Article IX – Fiscal Year

The C.A.B.I. fiscal year is the calendar year.

Article X – Removal of Board Members or Officers

Any board member or officer may be recalled and removed from office, for cause, by a two thirds vote of all members present at an annual meeting .

Article XI – Board or Officer Vacancies

In the event of a vacancy in a board member or officer’s position, then the co-presidents will appoint a qualified replacement to serve the remaining term, to be ratified by a majority vote of the members present at the next scheduled meeting.

Article XII– Dissolution

Upon dissolution of the organization, any assets thereafter remaining will be conveyed to the benefit of Bustins Island and it’s residents. This may include but is not limited to the B.I.V.C., Tennis, Golf, or Youth Library by an affirmative vote of two thirds of the members present at a special meeting called for this purpose, or at the annual meeting.

Article XIII – Personal Liability

The officers of the organization shall not be personally liable for any debt, liability or obligation of the organization as may be further provided in the Bylaws or Articles of Organization. All persons, organizations or other entities extending credit to, contracting with, or having any claim against the organization, may look only to the funds and property of the organization for the payment of any such contract or claim, or for the payment of any debt, damages, judgment or decree, or of any money that may otherwise become due or payable to them from the organization.

Article XIV – Presence Through Communication Equipment

Unless otherwise provided by law, officers may participate in board meetings by means of a conference call, email, text, or similar communications equipment/device, e.g Skype. Participation by such means shall constitute presence in person at any such meeting; and take appropriate action through mutual agreement.


Article XV– Community House

In collaboration with the B.I.V.C. the C.A.B.I. acts as caretaker of the Community House and developed a mutually agreed upon policy for use, care and event scheduling. Written policies are posted at the Store Porch and Community House.

Section A – Housekeeping

  • The CABI is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of The Community House during the summer season (Memorial Day through Labor Day).
  • Volunteers and/or paid personnel may be appointed by the C.A.B.I. board to complete this task.
  • Cleaning supply inventory is the responsibility of the C.A.B.I.

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